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Get your school involved with ‘Be All It Takes’ in 2019!

Be all it takes

What is ‘Be All It Takes’?

You don’t have to wear a uniform to save a life, so what better way to start promoting the importance of first aid, than with a non uniform day at your school in aid of our charity.

There are so many ways you can get involved, from a  non-uniform day and planning your own fundraising event, to running a first aid lesson or getting first aid on the agenda for your staffroom chat!

Why should I get ‘Be All It Takes’?

By getting involved with ‘Be All It Takes’ you’ll be making a real difference. Your donations could mean more children and young people can be equipped with the skills they need to save a life, through our Badger and Cadet programmes and the free first aid training we provide in schools across Wales.

What will St John Cymru do to help our school?

You’ll get the full support of our fantastic fundraising team – on hand to help you along the way. Once registered you’ll be able to download the FREE ‘Be All It Takes’ fundraising guide and materials which will give you lots of fun-draising hints, tips and ideas.

You can also get first aid teaching resources or invite us to your school to teach the pupils first aid!

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We believe everyone should be empowered

to be able to save a life!


Our Defib-Aware campaign aims to train children and adults alike across Wales, vital first aid skills and confidence which could be used to one day safe a life. 

We'd love for your school to get involved and help us achieve our goal of a first aider in every home in Wales by organising a free defib-aware assembly where one of our fully qualified trainers will teach your pupils how to use a defibrillator during a cardiac arrest, which one day, could help to save someone’s life.

Not only does first aid and other lifesaving skills develop a child or young person’s self-confidence and resilience, their understanding of risk also grows. Skills learned also provide key societal benefits through positive social skills and a sense of community responsibility.

Our defib-aware assemblies help give pupils the knowledge and confidence to deal with an emergency situation and cover the following scenarios:

- How to manage an incident

- How to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

- Treating an unresponsive casualty

- How to find and use a defibrillator

In the UK, less than 1 in 10 people survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and nearly a third of UK adults wouldn't have the confidence to intervene if they saw someone in need.

Children in England will be taught CPR and other lifesaving skills from 2020 and in Scotland, 32 local councils have already committed to teaching CPR in their schools.

Don't let Welsh pupils get left behind!

Register your school's place for free here

How your money could help when you fundraise for us:

£50: could pay for replacement pads for a defibrillator used by our volunteers

£150: could buy a manikin for our volunteers to use when teaching people CPR

£240: could provide defibrillator training for a local community group

£1000: could place a new Public Access Defibrillator at a St John Cymru site [SC1] 

 [SC1]Can leave this off for now if you like and I can make it as a graphic?



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